Networking Events

Dynamic Open Networking Format

OAM’s Networking works differently than other online and even traditional groups. Our focus is to get beyond the elevator pitch (although you still need a great one to share!). Each meeting starts with participants coming together as a large group. What’s different is the group only stays together to cover the OAM “How-to” information. Once everyone understands how the meeting works, the group is divided into one-on-one meetings and small groups.

Each meeting provides you the opportunity to meet and get to know multiple people and their businesses. ,OAM strives to maintain a one-on-one setup, but when attendance dictates you may end up in a small group (3 – 5 people).

Networking Agenda

(6 – 8 pm Eastern)


6:00-6:10      Sara Phillips

Welcome and Meeting Process

About Our American Mission

Thanks to Sponsors

6:10-6:28       Network Session 1

6:28-6:46       Network Session 2

6:46-7:04       Network Session 3

7:04-7:22       Network Session 4

7:22-7:40       Network Session 5

7:40-7:58       Network Session 6

7:58-8:00       Meeting Wrap-up