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Tuesday July 7, 2020 Build Client Relationships that Last!

What are the secrets to connecting with clients and customers – and getting them to keep coming back? How
do we show our clients that we value and appreciate them? That they are important to us?
When we do, our clients sing our praises, helping to build a positive word of mouth business. Discover how to
work smarter by cultivating the customers you already have, rather than incessantly pounding the pavement
for new prospects.
You’ll leave rejuvenated and committed to serving your clients with proven, creative online and offline
systems and strategies. Most importantly, you’ll transform your clients into life-timers rather than onetimers.

Joe Novara will share great practices for nurturing relationships with your current clients and many more to come. These are the same practices greats such as Bob Burg and Dr. Ivan Misner have used to grow their huge referral based organizations.

Tuesday July 21, 2020 PPP Loan Forgiveness, Repayment, and Access to Capital

Scott Mackey, VP Pinnacle Bank

Susan Martin, CPA, Dreher Martin CPAs, P.A.

Covid-19 knocked the legs out from under many business owners financially.  We all know about the PPP funds, but the question is “what else is there?”  Scott is going to share with you how to put your financial legs back under you and help you develop a solid strategy about how to get yourself back on top of the hill and start looking beyond just recovery.  Come learn how to start seeing beyond today financially.

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