Tough Times? Unleash the Power of Gratitude

Speaker: Marty Edwards

In business circles, gratitude might be viewed as a fluff, light-weight, touchy-feely subject. On the surface, that view is understandable but my presentation rejects that notion and makes a case for gratitude being a powerful business growth strategy. What is at the heart of every successful business? Relationship and relationships are cemented when gratitude is expressed and ingrained in your brand. Gratitude is a powerful business tool when you are facing tough times. The principles of gratitude presented can strengthen your resolve to fight through adversity and grow revenues.

Marty Edwards, an entrepreneur for more than 35 years, founded White Hawk Group in 1999. White Hawk was an Oklahoma-based general contracting firm. His wife, Karen was diagnosed with esophageal cancer April 22nd 2016. Exactly 18 months later she left this life to enter into the presence of the Lord. The severity of the cancer battle forced the closure of White Hawk Group.

Yakoke Consulting, Marty Edwards newest venture, was founded on his passion to help small, minority and woman owned firms. “Yakoke” is how Choctaws say thank you. Marty Edwards is Yakoke’s CGO (Chief Gratitude Officer). In addition to mentoring small business owners, Marty feels a strong obligation to speak publically and share the power in unleashing gratitude into your life. His recent life experiences would seem disconnected from gratitude but his personal and professional story is a testimony to this truth:

“If you get your mind and spirit right, PROFOUND gratitude can eventually emerge darkest days of struggle and loss.”

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Dec 03 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Zoom Video Conference

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