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Lea Strickland, Co-founder CEO/CSO The Diversity Project and Diversity Capital

Access to capital is crucial for small businesses. COVID relief programs revealed systemic challenges for minority and women-owned businesses. The most recent statistics indicate that at least 50% of small businesses are at risk of closing due to a lack of capital. What’s the answer? 



The Diversity Project (TDP) focuses on improved access to capital for women, minorities, and underserved and disaster-impacted communities.  TDP’s solutions-based approach begins with Diversity Financial Fund, Inc., a 501(c)3 that provides small business and entrepreneurial programs that improve the ability to raise capital from all sources. Launched in 2020, DFF provides the foundation for small businesses to receive grants, loans, and equity investment.

In 2021, The Diversity Project is launching Diversity Capital and Diversity Bank. Both organizations focus on providing capital to minority, women, veteran, and underserved community businesses. Diversity Capital works with small businesses utilizing specialized programs that include Catalyst Micro-Grants℠, Agility Micro-Loans℠, loan guaranty, and other loan programs.

Lea Strickland, MBA MA CMA CFM CBM GMC, co-founder of Our American Mission, Diversity Financial Fund, and The Diversity Project

Lea serves as the CEO/CSO of The Diversity Project and Diversity Capital. She is a recognized and respected business consultant, speaker, author, columnist and radio show host. She has published over 800 articles in national and international publications and six books Lea has also developed over 100 business webinars, workshops, and courses focused on sound business practices, strategy, and governance.

Lea is committed to developing business owners, leaders, and professionals who have well-defined core values and understand how to do business profitably while maintaining their values. Lea’s focus is on providing high-quality resources and training for personal and professional growth. Her client companies have raised over $500 million in private investment and government funding.

Lea’s philosophy is that “success is a product of clear values, well-defined goals, and hard work.”


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