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Tom Schaffer

President Transitions Financial Strategies
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Biographical Info

I have been in the Financial Services business going on 20 years.I am a fully registered Investment adviser and insurance consultant. I offer a unique blend of prior experience as an IBM employee and executive, as well as an owner of a traditional retail brick and mortal business. I am a competent communicator and educator, which is the core of my business proposition. I realize I operate in an arena where there is little general education, so I am excited to have the opportunity to first teach my clients, so they can make better decisions. My approach is a holistic planning mentality, seeking to understand the whole situation first before making recommendations. I am particularly passionate in three areas: 1) business exit planning 2) Secure Retirement Income Planning 3) Creating financial pathways out of divorce and widowhood . I enjoy cooking, golf, Competition BBQ , Travel , Hiking and Volunteering.
Categories: Business Development, Insurance