About Our American Mission


Lea Strickland is President/CEO of F.O.C.U.S. Resources – strategic business growth and governance consulting firm.

Lea focuses on the development and implementation of strategy, business processes and systems, and financial plans designed to achieve growth-oriented strategic and operational goals. Her experience enables her to guide client organizations through the business life cycle from concept through growth and exit.

She focuses her business expertise to provide innovative and inventive solutions designed specifically for each client regardless of their size, industry or geographic location.

Her goal is to create a competitive advantage and optimize client operations to achieve revenue and profit growth. Lea utilizes the proprietary C.O.R.E. Business Growth System to enable clients to visualize, strategize, and implement focused initiatives that transform the organization.

Sara Phillips is a licensed health insurance agent in multiple states.  She works with individuals, families and small businesses to access full-coverage, permanent health coverage plans at rates substantially lower than rates on the marketplace.  These plans are available throughout the year.  She specializes in educating clients on what each plan does so that you can create the plans that works best for the clients wants and needs.  Her focus is to leave her clients with security, peace of mind and more money in their pockets.


History, Vision, and Mission

Founded in April, 2020, Our American Mission is an organization dedicated to helping re-ignite small businesses in America in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The result of the closing of some businesses and restrictions of others caused the business community to have to refocus and re-examine how they do business.

Large businesses were able to adjust due to access to reserve cash and credit lines as well as dedicated marketing teams who could spend all day focusing on how to restructure and continue business.  

Co-founder, Sara Phillips, realized that small businesses did not have the same resources and were facing a much more difficult task.  As a believer in viewing things as an opportunity rather than a problem, she realized that if small business owners could get together and share ideas on a weekly basis, the whole small business community would benefit.  It would give the small business community the advantage of the marketing team without the cost and help them find the financial resources by putting their ideas together as a single large team.  In addition, they would have the extra bonus of being able to implement things quickly.  This would provide them the added help they need to come out of the crisis stronger than they came into it.  

The challenge was that there as no way to meet as public places and large meetings were shut down.  It would have to be done via computer technology.  The challenge there was that having 100 people trying to discuss things in a computer setting was unmanageable.  After some searching, she realized that Zoom provided a technology that would allow people to go into breakout meetings.

Unsure of how a system like this could work logistically, she reached out to Lea Strickland who is the founder of F.O.C.U.S Resource, Inc.  As the two of them talked, they realized that not only was it possible, it would be a great platform even after the pandemic ended.  At that point, the two decided to partner together to provide help and resources to the small business community and created Our American Mission.

We worked with a mix of subject matter experts and small businesses to define the format of each Tuesday Community Forum.  We also heard from the attendees that they want opportunities to network and build mastermind groups. We listened and have launched several networking sessions lead by the OAM team and others that are hosted by OAM community members.