Welcome to Our American Mission: Unite to Ignite Small Business Growth! Today and every day, our businesses grow through relationships. Our ability to connect and provide valuable products and services results from authentic relationships and an exchange of value. We all buy first from people we trust, know, and respect.

It is a solutions-focused group coming together to solve common problems and share ideas and solutions. When you participate, you take the first steps to establish relationships with group members who could become great resources and customers.

However, this is not an opportunity for direct marketing or sales to community members. The forums are not an opportunity to pitch your products or services. The discussions are focused on building relationships and solving problems.

However, one of your community members may reach out to you for services, products, or technology. Why will they choose you? Because you add value to the group. How? By sharing your expertise and experience. If you want to get a call from your community when they need what you do or sell, then you need to:


  • Engage authentically;
  • Share your successes and challenges;
  • Provide insights and support to the community;
  • Share who and what your business is and does via a community listing;

In this new business environment, “Our American Mission” provides businesses with great networking opportunities that are virtual and personal.

Mary Ellen Randall

President, Ascot Technologies

It is always a special thing when like minds in business can get together and discuss ways to serve and to grow, and especially so during challenging times. We have found this group to be informative, educational as well as inspirational.  In the short amount of time that our company has been involved we have already developed a relationship that has paid dividends to our organization all the while helping a fellow local business. We are all, at once, having to think outside of our boxes so what better way than to do so as a group!

Emily French

CEO, Nuvo Solutions

“It was great to connect with other professionals in a friendly, engaging virtual environment. I look forward to these continued opportunities to meet with others, even as we are distant physically.”

Courtney Barbee

Executive Officer, The Bookkeeper LLC

Necessity is the mother of invention, but intentional behaviors is what leads you to capitalize on your competition!  Do not let your foot off the gas, the time is now to be remembered

Shanon Madrid

Owner, Sunbelt Business Brokers of the Triangle and Greensboro, NC

Our American Mission is a great way for small business leaders to connect and bounce ideas off one another.  I genuinely enjoyed the conversation and fellowship!

Derek Hairston, Jr

Owner, Olam, LLC

Wonderful to be in a community where we can rely on each other during a pandemic to collaborate on ideas. As a business coach, I can only approve of having value delivered to business with this group.

Katia Rave

CEO, Rave Strategy Studio

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